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leadership development

Leadership Development

A lot of us feel that we can not just go back to the world before Covid19... but what is the world now calling for? what is required? And what does the world/your organisation/your community need actually from YOU?

I am more than ever convinced that true and authentic Leadership is so desperately needed by individuals and the corporate world and I would like to shake us all awake: Leading is needed not only with our HEAD but also with our HEART. And the skills needed here are complex and behavioral in nature, and they represent what is called the “uniquely human skills”. And yet, many organisations so far address mostly digital and other technical skills and not so much the leadership and behavioral skills.

If new leadership is calling you/your team, and you want to develop in this area contact me – together we will find out what might be your next step.

In this area I work with you/your organisation:

LDI - Leadership starts right here: With you!

This course takes you to your next level of development. The LDI helps you to move from an "automatic" to an "authentic" way of life and to get involved with everything you are - everything you do. The LDI also helps you to master challenges in your capacity as a leader and simply as a person.

I am offering this course with my colleagues from MovingMountains in cooperation with the Scherer Leadership Center, which has been running this course for more than 30 years with leaders from over 40 countries. Now MovingMountains puts this marvellous program in a breathtaking environment, which will further support you to revolutionise your ability to lead yourself, your team and your organisation.

The Course is based on 5 questions, that change everything

What you can expect

• 3.5 days intensive Leadership program
• Holistic and experiential learning
• Self-awareness as key for transformation
• Shadow integration and potential development
• 360° feedback for personal growth
• High intensity within small groups of only 8 to 12 participants

THE CHANGE - 8 outcomes of these days:


only I can change my life.
No one can do it for me.